Covid-19 food safety information for businesses

Covid-19 and Guidance for Retail Food Businesses

Covid-19 infection is very contagious and can spread person to person in air and by a person touching a contaminated surface. As a business you can take the following practical steps to minimise the risks to yourself, your staff and customers from becoming ill.

  • Social Distancing - keeping a 2m distance between people should reduce the risk of passing the virus from an infected person to another person. There are a number of ways this can be achieved – read more
  • Personal Hygiene, Hand Washing and Protecting Staff - it is important that staff can wash their hands easily and effectively with adequate facilities especially after coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose. Staff should wear clean clothing which is changed daily – read more
  • Managing Your Procedures - document your procedures so staff are clear about how you intend to operate. Checks should ensure your in-store notices/posters and separation markers are in place and you have adequate facilities for staff hand washing and protective equipment (PPE) is available – read more
  • Business Daily Checklist – example of business opening and operating checklist to ensure hand washing and hygiene standards are met, social distancing precautions are in place – read more
  • Examples of Retail Outlet Advice Posters – read more
  • Food Safety Guidance for Home Deliveries – read more
  • Food Safety for Community Cooking and Food Banks – read more
  • Water Safety  -  Ensuring water quality is maintained when a building water supply has remained unused – read more.

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Covid-19 food safety information for businesses