Covid-19 food and health & safety information for businesses

As of 19th July England will move to Step 4 of the Government's Roadmap out of lockdown:

Step 4 will see the removal of blanket restrictions and requirements, plus the reopening of all sectors. The government focus going forwards being one of responsible business, premises and persons. 

A number of sector guides have been published to help businesses prepare for further changes and ‘think through’ how they wish to operate in the future with the focus placed firmly on risk assessment.  It may well be that you wish to retain some of the changes you have introduced under Covid-19 to boost staff and customer confidence, these are all matters to think about.

Different types of work including construction, shops, restaurants and offices are covered by the guides, however organisations may need to use more than one of them as they consider what they need to do to keep people safe.

Working safely guidance

Business should also be aware that event guidance has also be published to inform the Step 4 transition

Events guidance

Risk Assessments 

Every employer is legally required to do what is “reasonably practicable” to protect their staff and members of the public.  If you have fewer than five employees you do not have to write anything down.  All businesses must identify and control the risks in their workplace, using sensible measures and this includes COVID-19.

Find out about doing a COVID risk assessment 

Working safely during coronavirus(COVID-19) updated 1 December 2020  

Working Safely during COVID-19 in Shops and branches updated 5 November 2020 

For the latest information and advice from the Health and Safety Executive, COVID-19 Helpline Telephone Number: 0300 790 6787 

Covid-19 food safety information for businesses