Social distancing

The rules are simple, you MUST …

  • Stay 2m apart
  • Wash your hands before touching your face
  • De-contaminate surfaces regularly*; wash the surface then disinfect it. Use alcohol wipes if you have them, if not use a sanitiser (spray onto the surface and wipe, spray again and leave for 5 mins).

If possible ……

Do not touch surfaces with your hands. You may decide to wear gloves – these can be tricky to get on and off. The “easy glove” may be more practical for you ( this is a loose-fitting glove that allows you to slide your hand in / out easily.

*An effective way of decontaminating surfaces is to use a bleach solution but care must be taken when handling this chemical. Wear protective gloves. Mix 10ml (about 2 capfuls) of thick bleach with 1 litre of water.

Social Distancing in Practice

In line with government advice, everyone must be 2 metres apart (2 yards). This is to reduce the transfer of the virus from an infected person to another person (sometimes people have the virus and feel well so they don’t realise they are infected)

In order to maintain this rule you must make sure that staff and customers (and delivery personnel) are kept apart.

Poster at Entrance

  1. Place a poster at the entrance to the shop. We have enclosed link on the webpage to posters for you to use which says “Social distancing to protect our customers and staff at this time, we are actively managing the number of customers who can come into our premises at any one time. Please make sure you stand 2m (6 feet) apart using the marked lines on the floor. When at the front of the queue, wait behind the line until called forward. Thank you for your understanding & co-operation”

Limit the number of people in the shop

  1. If the shopping area is too small or narrow to allow social distancing then only one customer can be in that space at any one time. If the space is large enough to allow social distancing you can allow more. It is recommended that you have no more than one customer in each aisle and you ensure a one-way system operates through the shop. Ideally, put arrows on the floor and/or display posters

Floor marking

  1. To help customers to keep their distance, mark lines on the floor 2m apart (starting at the till). You can buy yellow and black floor tape on line.


  1. At busy times a member of staff must guide customers and limit entry.

Shop Doors

  1. In order to minimise the surfaces that could become contaminated we recommend that you keep the shop door wedged open so customers do not need to touch it.

Entrance and Exit

  1. If you have 2 doors, one should be the entrance and one for the exit. If you only have one shop door, the customer leaving the shop MUST be 2m away from the waiting queue so ensure the waiting queue is a safe distance away.

Restocking of Shelves

  1. When staff are restocking shelves, a 2m distance must be respected. In order to comply with this requirement you can close off the aisle or put up barriers around the worker or briefly close the shop. A poster is available (see webpage links) which says “Keep your distance 2m away”.