Managing your procedures

Make sure staff know what the procedures are and supervise them. You should write these down and use them to train your staff.

Review your start-up checks and closing checks to include checking if there’s enough soap, check dates on the money quarantine box (see information in the Personal Hygiene section), check there’s enough soap, hand drying and hand sanitiser and plenty in stock. Check you have enough gloves and order before stocks are low. Check the posters are in place and not damaged, check floor tape is in place and not damaged.

Review your cleaning schedule to include the disinfection of all hand-contact surfaces such as the till cover, trolley / basket handles, shopping container at till (used by customers to place their shopping in when paying), the dish at till (used to give change), door handles of shop door and toilet door and push plates on doors, toilet area, wash hand basin, taps and dispensers (soap and paper towels), card machines.

The start-up checks, closing checks and cleaning schedules must be dated and signed. Check they have been done correctly.