School recycling

Working in partnership with Serco, we provide a range of waste and recycling services in order to meet your requirements.

In addition to general waste collection, (residual), we do have collections of recyclable materials, these include;

Paper and Cardboard: - This is stored in a 240 litre blue lidded bin, labelled as appropriately.

Plastic, cans and glass: - This is also stored in a 240 litre blue lid bin, labelled appropriately.

Garden Waste: - stored in a 240 litre green lidded bin; - suitable for grass clippings, small branches, weeds and other non food organic material. Garden materials should be placed directly in to the container and not in bags, also no packaging materials.

Food Waste: - This can be stored in containers ranging from 25 to 240 litres in size dependent on requirements. The food waste should be placed directly into the appropriate container, and not put in bags.

Already have a trade waste contract with us?

Schools with a trade waste contract with us are entitled to have a full range of recycling containers, at no additional cost.

Already have a trade waste contract with another operator?

Schools which have trade waste contracts with other operators can still have recycling containers for paper and cardboard recycling, and for food waste.

Visit our commercial trade waste page for further information on costs, etc.

How do I sign up?

Schools can arrange a collection and order a bin/s by contacting our Waste Helpline:

  • Phone: 01629 7611 22
  • Email :
Recycling & waste services for schools