Box - Blue (glass, cans, aerosols, cartons, trays)

Blue box on white backgroundA small number of properties currently use a blue box for recycling certain items rather than the blue-lid bin. Blue boxes are only issued to properties that cannot accommodate a blue-lid bin due to their design or because our vehicle can't get to them.  If you have wheeled bins please use the blue-lid bin for recycling.

The blue box is collected each fortnight, along with the blue bag.

Your blue box should be placed at the edge of your property by 7.00am on the day of collection.

Yellow background with the text - Use blue box for cans, glass, aerosols, beverage cartons, foil trays

What to put in your blue box

  • Mixed glass bottles and jars
    (green, brown, clear and blue glass - please remove caps, tops, lids and corks)
  • food and drinks cans
  • aerosols
  • aluminium trays
  • beverage cartons

What not to put in your blue box

  • milk bottles
  • glasses
  • crockery
  • window glass
  • ovenware
  • saucepans
  • light bulbs or tubes 
  • and anything else not mentioned in the 'what to put in your blue box' section.

If you are unsure of your collection days view the relevant calendar for your area or complete the request form and a calendar will be emailed to you. 

A picture of a blue-lid bin with the text When is my collection? alongside