Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I receive a collection and what day will it be?

Household waste is collected fortnightly. Your bin should be put out at the edge of your property by 7am on the day of collection. Your specific collection days can be found on our 'When is my collection' web page. 

What type of container is issued?

Household waste is collected in a 140 litre grey bin. Black sacks are only collected from properties that cannot accommodate a wheeled bin due to their design or because our vehicle can’t get to them. 

Do I have a choice of a bin or sacks?

No. Household waste is collected in wheeled bins from the majority of homes in the Derbyshire Dales. Only where a wheeled bin cannot be accommodated will sacks be collected. 

I am currently using black sacks but would like a household bin

Great! Let us know and we’ll do an assessment of your property to check that a bin can be suitably stored and collected by a refuse vehicle with a lift on the back. You can request a household bin by emailing us at

Do I have to pay for my household waste bin or black sacks?

If you have moved into a newly built property or one where the household waste bin has been taken away by the previous owner, you need to buy a household waste bin for a small charge. Your bin will be delivered within 10 working days once payment has been received. If your property is rented, speak to your landlord.

Black sacks are not provided.  Residents need to purchase their own black sacks from an outlet of their choice. 

What should I do if my bin is damaged or goes missing?

We will provide a replacement recycling container (blue-lid bin, blue box, blue bag, insert, kerbside caddy) free of charge. You can report a problem with your bin by completing our online form. A new bin will be delivered within 10 working days of the request being received.

If your grey wheeled bin or green-lid bin is broken or has gone missing please complete our online form to order and pay for a replacement bin. There is a charge of £21.70 for a replacement 140 litre grey bin, £27.00 for a replacement 240 litre grey bin (if still meet the criteria) or £16.20 for a 240 green-lid bin.   

What goes in my general household bin/sacks?

Grey bin

Only use your household bin for general household waste. Any materials that can be recycled should be placed in the appropriate recycling container. Food and garden waste should also be separated. Larger items of household waste can be disposed of at your nearest household waste recycling centre, through the bulky waste service, charity shops or through online websites such as Freecycle.

Electrical items and household batteries should not be placed in your household waste collection. Batteries can be recycled in the battery bag and electrical items should be disposed of at your nearest household waste recycling centre.

Hazardous waste and liquids including paint and oil, rubble, stone or soil and heavy metal items should not be put in your bin.

If the bin lid is raised will the bin still be emptied?

The bin lid should be completely closed. Any bags sticking out of the top of your bin will be put back inside your bin after it has been emptied and collected on your next collection day.

If my bin is full, can I put out extra black sacks at the side of it?

No, we will not collect any black bags or other items left at the side of your bin. To help you reduce the amount of waste you are putting in your household waste bin we can provide additional recycling containers to recycle your waste.

Any bags left at the side of your bin will be put inside after the bin has been emptied and collected on your next collection day.

My household bin is not large enough / 4 black sacks are insufficient for my family

If you are actively recycling and using all the containers provided, we believe a 140 litre bin/4 sacks to be sufficient for the average family. If you are a family of 5 or more, have children in nappies or someone has special medical needs, you can apply for a 240 litre bin. To apply for a larger 240 litre bin or an increased black sack allowance (6 sacks), please contact us.

If you have a child in nappies you could reduce the amount of waste produced by considering the use of real nappies.  These are cotton nappies that can be washed and re-used.  Household waste that contains nappies will be collected fortnightly. They should be wrapped in a nappy bag and stored in a sealed container until collection. 

What happens to the household waste I throw away?

All household waste is taken to landfill (a refuse tip). This waste is fit for no other purpose, which is why we ask you to remove all materials that can be recycled before using your household waste container. We want to keep to an absolute minimum the amount of waste that ends up being tipped at landfill.

Disposing of waste at landfill is very costly and causes significant environmental damage.

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