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Item Container
Wallpaper Grey bin / black sacks / Household Waste Recycling Centre
Washing Powder Box (cardboard)  Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Washing Up Bowl Grey bin / black sacks
Water Filter Cartridges Return scheme at participating stores
Weeds Green-lid bin / green compostable sacks
Weighing Scales Household Waste Recycling Centre
Window envelopes Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Wine bottle (cork) Grey bin / black sacks
Wine bottle (metal screw cap) Blue-lid bin / blue box
Wine glass Grey bin / black sacks (please wrap in newspaper)
Wood ash Green-lid bin / green compostable sacks / compost
Wooden Cat Litter Grey bin / black sacks
Window glass Household Waste Recycling Centre
Wrapping paper (plain) Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Wrapping paper (non plain*) Grey bin / black sacks

*Non plain wrapping paper is paper that contains a shiny gloss, sparkles, fancy bows, etc.

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