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Item Container
Make-up wipes Grey bin / black sacks
Mail order catalogue Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Magazine wrapper (potato starch) Home compost bin/Grey bin/ black sacks
Magazines Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Margarine Food caddy
Margarine tub Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Melamine Household waste recycling centre
Mercury (Hazardous) Specialist Collector
Methylated spirits Household waste recycling centre
Methylated spirits (camping stove) Household waste recycling centre
Mattress Household waste recycling centre / bulky waste collection
Mattress topper (memory foam) Household waste recycling centre
Meat Food caddy
Metal (non business items) Household waste recycling centre
Metal screw cap (e.g. wine bottle) Blue-lid bin / blue box
Meat tray (plastic) Grey bin / black sacks
Microwave Popcorn Bag Grey bin / black sacks
Milk bottle tops - foil Grey bin / black sacks
Milk bottle tops - plastic Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Milk bottles - Carton Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Milk bottles - Glass None - send back to dairy
Mirror Household waste recycling centre/Charity Shop
Mobile phone Household waste recycling centre
Mushroom plastic container Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Mussel Shells Food caddy

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