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Item Container
Tablet pack (cardboard box) Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Tablet pack (plastic insert/blister pack/foil) Grey bin / black sacks
Takeaway - coffee cup Grey bin / black sacks
Takeaway trays (plastic/non polystyrene) Blue-lid bin / blue bag 
Tea bags Food caddy
Tea Light Holder Grey bin / black sacks/Household Waste Recycling Centre
Telephones WEEE Bank/HWRC
Telephone directory Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Tetra Pak Blue-lid bin / blue box
Textiles Textile Banks/Charity Shops
Thermometer (Mercury) Household Waste Recycling Centre
Tickets (paper/card) Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Tin foil Grey bin / black sacks
Tissues Grey bin / black sacks
Toilet roll tube Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Toothbrush Grey bin / black sacks
Toothbrush Head (electric) Grey bin / black sacks
Toothpaste pump Grey bin / black sacks
Toothpaste tube Grey bin / black sacks
Turf (large amount) Skip or Skip Bag
Turf (small amount) Household Waste Recycling Centre
Turkey carcass/bone Food caddy
Tyres (Car - up to 4) Household Waste Recycling Centre

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