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7 - Application to Allocate a House Name, Rename or Remove a House Name to an Existing Property

The Public Health Act 1925: Sections 17 & 18

Please complete this form if you have:

  • Add a house name to an existing numbered property
  • Change a house name on an existing property
  • Remove a house name from an existing numbered property
Guidance notes

Step 1 - Complete the online form below and submit with the following documents:

  • Site location plan
  • Make payment online or by calling the payments line on 01629 761166 to pay by credit/debit card.
Step 2 - Once application received, the District Council will:
  • Check to ensure that the proposed name is not already in use in the local area. Any application to change the name of a property such that it would duplicate an existing property name, will not be acceptable
  • Consult with the Royal Mail to ensure they do not have any objections
Once agreement has been reached on a property number the District Council will:
  • Update our address database
  • Notify relevant parties
  • Send a letter of confirmation of Postal Address to the applicant
  • The property name should always be displayed on the property. It is advisable, when considering a name for a property, to contact the District Council to determine whether the proposed name is already in use in the local area as duplicating an existing property name may lead to confusion to service delivery agents.
  • The applicant is advised to submit 3 alternative property names, in case any of the proposed names do duplicate existing addresses.
  • If removing a house name from an existing property, the property must already be numbered.
  • The allocation of a property name is permitted where a numbering scheme is in place. This is under the condition that the name would be in addition to the existing property number and not a replacement. The property number should always be displayed on the property and quoted as part of the address in all correspondence.
  • PLEASE NOTE : The Royal Mail will only hold a name for a property where there is no numbering scheme in place. If a property is named and numbered, the name of the property will only be held as an “Alias”.
The District Council can be contacted on 01629 761168 or by email on addressmanagement@derbyshiredales.gov.uk
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