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How to arrange a funeral when someone dies

Arrangements for the funeral usually take place once the death certificate has been signed. It is common for most people to seek the services of a funeral director, however you may also arrange the funeral yourself.

Funeral Directors

The average cost of a funeral director is around £2,500. If you are using a funeral director, you should choose one who is a member of either:

Both of these organisations follow codes of practice such as requiring funeral directors to provide clear pricing.

A funeral director offers a long list of services. Some examples of what they do include:

  • Handling and submitting all the paperwork and legal documents, including registering the death.
  • Dealing with the deceased’s personal affairs and estate.
  • The arrangements for the funeral, such as providing a basic coffin, the transportation of the body and organising of a ceremony.

Arranging the funeral yourself

Family and friends of the bereaved may arrange the funeral themselves. To do so, you should get in contact with a local Register Office.

Funeral costs

The costs of arranging a funeral can include:

  • Funeral director fees
  • Local authority fees [PDF], such as burial or cremation fees
  • Cemetery fees [PDF]
  • Headstone or plaque
  • Newspaper announcement or obituary
  • Ceremony at local church or place of worship
  • Flowers
  • Catering for guests
  • Papersheets with hymns

A funeral director should be able to cover several of these costs within their budget.

Information extracted from Perfect Funeral Plans.