When someone has died...

The death of a loved one is a distressing time. Many people find the most convenient way to advise the Council of this is to use the Tell Us Once service. See an explanatory video here.

You normally need to register the death within five days. It's best to go to the register office in the area in which the person died, otherwise it may take longer to get the necessary documents and this could delay the funeral arrangements.

To make an appointment to register a death please contact the relevant register office

Arrangements for the funeral usually take place once the death certificate has been signed. It is common for most people to seek the services of a funeral director, however you may also arrange the funeral yourself.

Funeral arrangements

Funeral Directors

If you are using a funeral director, you should choose one who is a member of either:

National Association of Funeral Directors (external link)
The National Society of Allied and Independent (external link)

Both of these organisations follow codes of practice such as requiring funeral directors to provide clear pricing.

A funeral director offers a long list of services. Some examples of what they do include:

• Handling and submitting all the paperwork and legal documents, including registering the death.
• Dealing with the deceased’s personal affairs and estate.
• The arrangements for the funeral, such as providing a basic coffin, the transportation of the body and organising of a ceremony.

Arranging the funeral yourself

Family and friends of the bereaved may arrange the funeral themselves. To do so, you should get in contact with a local Register Office.

Funeral costs

The costs of arranging a funeral can include:

  • Funeral director fees
  • Local authority fees [PDF], such as burial or cremation fees
  • Cemetery fees [PDF]
  • Headstone or plaque
  • Newspaper announcement or obituary
  • Ceremony at local church or place of worship
  • Flowers
  • Catering for guests
  • Papersheets with hymns

Documents and Forms

Arranging a Funeral in the Council’s Cemeteries - General advice

Cemetery Regulations

Fees and Charges

List of Registered Memorial Masons

Application Forms for Burial Service:

Application Forms for Long Term Memorials:

If you need to make direct contact with us, email cemeteries@derbyshiredales.gov.uk or call 01629 761130.

Please note that at present we are not accepting applications for the pre-purchase of grave spaces in Council owned cemeteries.