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Smart campaign moves on to Darley Dale

Our SmartWater partnership campaign moves on to Darley Dale on Thursday 28 February as the fight against burglary continues.

Tansley Primary School was the focus of one of our early SmartWater campaignsPolice will be helping residents in a Darley Dale street give their home security a boost with free high-tech SmartWater kits.

Officers from Darley Dale and Winster Safer Neighbourhood Team will visit homes in the Station Road area to identify homes that could benefit from SmartWater.

The kits contain a UV fluid that can be used to mark valuable items such as TVs, laptops and even cars.

That fluid contains a unique code that can be identified under UV light and helps police reunite the owner with those items if they are stolen and recovered.

Police will be patrolling the area from Thursday, February 28 to offer the kits, along with warning posters, to residents.

Councillor Lewis Rose OBE is Leader of Derbyshire Dales District Council and chairman of the Community Safety Partnership.

He said:

"As a partnership, we believe in getting out into our communities to hear what local people are saying and to reinforce crime prevention advice that ensures they stay safe in their own homes.

"Thankfully the Derbyshire Dales remains one of the safest places in the UK to live, work and visit."

Sergeant Nick Reason, who is in charge of the Safer Neighbourhood team, said:

"SmartWater is a great way for people to protect their belongings and helps us to get your stolen items back to you if they are recovered, which can offer a lot of peace of mind.

"It is also a useful deterrent against burglars, who know exactly how they work and will think twice about targeting a house that is protected by SmartWater."

The kits have been provided by the Derbyshire Dales Community Safety Partnership, which includes Derbyshire police and Derbyshire Dales District Council.

During the visits, police will also be advising residents about the partnership's Operation Illuminate, which helps people further protect their property with cut-price items like security lights, shed alarms and timer switches.

These are available to buy from police stations or district council offices.


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