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Planning Committee

A single Planning Committee was created at the Annual Council Meeting on 28 May 2015 to replace the former Central & Northern Area Planning Committee and Southern Area Planning Committee.  Recent Agendas and Minutes from the former committees can be found below.

See the membership of the Planning Committee here.

The Planning Committee, which meets alternately at The Venue (The Bowls Club), Wyaston Road, Ashbourne, DE6 1BN and at the Town Hall in Matlock, determines planning applications in the Derbyshire Dales.  The committee can also propose matters of planning policy to the Council.

Agendas and reports will be available online five days prior to the Committee. Minutes will be available within 5 working days and will be considered for approval at the next meeting.


Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock (M) and The Venue (The Bowls Club), Wyaston Road, Ashbourne, DE6 1BN (A) Time: 6.00pm

Date Agenda Minutes
17 April (M) Agenda [PDF 3.25MB]  
13 March (A) Agenda [PDF 2.45MB]  Minutes [PDF 97KB]
20 February (M) Agenda [PDF 1.9MB]  Minutes [PDF 101KB]
06 February (M) Agenda [PDF 3.9MB]  NB:  ITEM 4.4 MULINO LODGE HAS BEEN WITHDRAWN  Minutes [PDF 95KB]
16 January (A) Agenda [PDF 4.2MB]  Minutes [PDF 83KB]



Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock (M) and The Venue (The Bowls Club), Wyaston Road, Ashbourne, DE6 1BN (A) Time: 6.00pm

Date Agenda Minutes
20 December (M) - Additional Meeting - Cawdor Quarry Agenda [PDF 652KB] Minutes [PDF 54 KB] 
12 December (M)

Agenda [PDF 4MB}

PLEASE NOTE: Item 4.2 Application No. 17/00866/FUL - St Elphin's Park, Dale Road South, Darley Dale. WITHDRAWN ITEM

 Minutes [PDF 120KB]
07 November (A)

Agenda [PDF 2.8MB]

PLEASE NOTE: Item 4.3 Application No. 17/00839/FUL - Twin Oaks, Yelt Lane, Doveridge. WITHDRAWN ITEM

 Minutes [PDF 113KB]
10 October (M)

Agenda [PDF 3.6MB]

PLEASE NOTE: Item 4.5 Application No. 17/00740/FUL - Sports Area, Derwent Gardens, South Parade, Matlock Bath. WITHDRAWN ITEM

 Minutes [PDF 100KB]
5 September (A)

Agenda [PDF 4MB]

PLEASE NOTE: Item 4.6 Application No. 17/00490/FUL - Land off Dale Road South, Darley Dale. WITHDRAWN ITEM

 Minutes [PDF 102KB]
08 August (M)

Agenda [PDF 3.7MB]

PLEASE NOTE: Item 4.4 Application No. 17/00417/OUT - Land Rear of Oakstone Farm, Old Hacknmey Lane, Hackney. WITHDRAWN ITEM

 Minutes [PDF 104KB]
11 July (A) Agenda [PDF 3.2MB]  Minutes [PDF 116KB]
13 June (M) Agenda [PDF 2.6MB]  Minutes [PDF 107KB]
9 May (A) Agenda [PDF 3MB]  Minutes [PDF 107KB]
11 April (M)  Agenda [PDF 2.6MB]  Minutes [PDF 77KB]
14 March (A)  Agenda [PDF 2.9MB]  Minutes [PDF 106KB]
22 February (A) - extra meeting due to volume of applications in the Southern Area  Agenda [PDF 3.1MB]  Minutes [PDF 291KB]
14 February (M)  Agenda [PDF 3.3MB]  Minutes [PDF 105KB]
17 January (A)  Agenda [PDF 3.7MB]  Minutes [PDF 119KB]



Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock (M) and The Venue (The Bowls Club), Wyaston Road, Ashbourne, DE6 1BN (A)
Time: 6.00pm

Date Agenda Minutes
13 December 2016 Agenda [PDF 3.6MB] Minutes [PDF 110KB] 
15 November 2016 (A) Agenda [PDF 3.6MB]
PLEASE NOTE: Item 4.5 Application No. 16/00579/FUL Honeysuckle Cottage, Longcliffe, Brassington has been withdrawn
Minutes [PDF 98KB]
11 October 2016 (M) Agenda [PDF 2.9MB] Minutes [PDF 107KB]
20 September 2016 (M) Agenda [PDF 2.4MB] Minutes [PDF 70KB]
6 September 2016 (A) Agenda [PDF 1.6MB] Minutes [PDF 98KB]
9 August 2016 (M) Agenda[PDF 6MB] Minutes  [PDF 120KB]
12 July 2016 Agenda [PDF 6.9MB] Minutes [PDF 112KB]
29 June 2016 (M) Agenda [PDF 1.1MB] Minutes [PDF 96KB]
14 June 2016 Agenda [PDF 2.84MB] Minutes [PDF 68KB]
24 May 2016 Agenda [PDF 2.3MB]  Minutes [PDF 125kb]
12 April (M)

Agenda [PDF 2.98MB]

Additional Item 4.9 [245KB]

 Minutes [PDF 86KB]
15 March (A)  Agenda [PDF 1.6MB]  Minutes [PDF 64KB]
16 February (M)  Agenda [PDF 1.7MB]  MINUTES [PDF 145KB]
 19 January (A)  Agenda [PDF 1MB]  Minutes [PDF 96KB]


Location: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Matlock (M) and Elim Pentecostal Church, Waterside Centre, Ashbourne DE6 1DG (A)
Time: 6.00pm

Date Agenda Minutes
15 December Agenda [PDF 1.55MB] Minutes [PDF 106KB]
1 December  Agenda [PDF 1.06MB] Minutes [PDF 139KB]
3 November  Agenda [PDF 1.84MB] Minutes [PDF 169KB]
13 October  Agenda [PDF 5MB] Minutes [PDF 104KB] 
22 September (A) - Special Agenda [PDF 1.5MB] Minutes [PDF 97KB]
8 September (M) Agenda [PDF 1.1MB] Minutes [PDF 105KB]
11 August (A) Agenda [PDF 1.3MB] Minutes [PDF 65KB] 
22 July (A) Agenda [PDF 0.8MB] Minutes [PDF 74KB]
14 July (M) Agenda [PDF 1.6MB] Minutes [PDF 0.2MB]
24 June (M) Agenda [PDF 2MB] Minutes [PDF 0.78MB]
16 June (A) Agenda [PDF 0.8MB] Minutes [PDF 0.14MB]

Committee members

Conservative Labour Liberal Democrat Independent
 Garry Purdy (Chairman)  Peter Slack  Susan Burfoot Graham Elliott
 Tony Millward BEM (Vice Chair)    
 Albert Catt      
 Lewis Rose OBE      
 Sue Bull      
 Jason Atkin      
 Thomas Donnelly      
 Tony Morley      
 Richard FitzHerbert      
Joanne Wild      
Substitutes Substitutes Substitutes  
 Ann Elliott  Joyce Pawley  Martin Burfoot  
 Helen Froggatt      
 Vicky Massey-Bloodworth      
 John Tibenham      
 Mark Salt      
 Andrew Statham      
 Chris Furness      
 Neil Horton      
 Jean Monks      

Former Central & Northern Planning Committee:


Date Agenda Minutes
13 Jan  Meeting cancelled due to lack of business  
3 Feb  Agenda [PDF 0.6MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.06MB]
3 Mar  Agenda [PDF 1MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.07MB]
15 Apr  Agenda [PDF 1MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.06MB]


Date Agenda Minutes
14 Jan Agenda [PDF 1.02MB] Minutes [PDF 0.15MB]
4 Feb Agenda [PDF 0.5MB] Minutes [PDF 0.09MB]
4 Mar Agenda [PDF 0.5MB] Minutes [PDF 0.10MB]
1 Apr Agenda [PDF 0.5MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.12MB]
6 May Agenda [PDF 0.6MB] Minutes [PDF 0.07MB] 
3 Jun Agenda [PDF 0.9MB] Minutes [PDF 0.07MB]
1 July Meeting cancelled due to withdrawal of applications.
5 Aug Agenda [PDF 1MB] Minutes [PDF 0.16MB]
2 Sept Agenda [PDF 2MB] Minutes [PDF 0.07MB]
7 Oct Agenda [PDF 1MB] Minutes [PDF 0.13MB]
4 Nov Agenda [PDF 1.6MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.07MB]
2 Dec Agenda [PDF 0.7MB] Minutes [PDF 0.06MB]

Former Southern Area Planning Committee


Date Agenda Minutes
20 Jan Agenda [PDF 0.4MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.06MB]
10 Feb Agenda [PDF 1MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.07MB]
25 Feb Agenda [PDF 0.9MB]  
Meeting location is Town Hall, Matlock DE4 3NN
 Minutes [PDF 0.06MB]
10 Mar Cancelled - there are no applications for the Committee to consider  
14 Apr  Agenda [PDF 1MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.05MB]


Date Agenda Minutes
21 Jan Agenda [PDF 0.5MB] Minutes [PDF 0.10MB]
11 Feb Agenda [PDF 0.42MB]  Minutes [PDF 0.10MB]
11 Mar Agenda [PDF 1MB] Minutes [PDF 0.18MB] 
25 Mar Agenda [PDF 0.75MB] Minutes [PDF 0.07MB]
8 Apr
Agenda [PDF 0.7MB] Minutes [PDF 0.07MB]
13 May Agenda [PDF 1MB] Minutes [PDF 0.1MB] 
10 June Agenda [PDF 0.65MB] Minutes [PDF 0.06MB]
8 July Agenda [PDF 0.64MB] Minutes [PDF 0.06MB] 
12 Aug Agenda [PDF 0.16MB] Minutes [PDF 0.06MB]
9 Sept Agenda [PDF 0.61MB] Minutes [PDF 0.06MB] 
14 Oct Agenda [PDF 1.6MB] Minutes [PDF 0.06MB]
11 Nov Agenda [PDF 2.2MB] Minutes [PDF 0.08MB]
9 Dec Cancelled - no applications for Committee to consider 

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