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Ernest Bailey Charity

The District Council is Trustee of the Ernest Bailey Charity. This committee carries out the functions of the charity and its primary purpose if to decide where grant aid should be given.

Agendas and reports will be available online 5 days prior to the Committee . Minutes will be available 5 days after the meeting and considered for approval at the following meeting.


Date Agenda Minutes
21 November 2017 Agenda [PDF 153KB] Minutes [142KB]


Date Agenda Minutes
23 November 2016 Agenda [PDF 155KB] Minutes [PDF 73KB]


Location: Town Hall, Matlock
Time: 6.00pm

Date Agenda Minutes
26 November 2015   Agenda [PDF 159KB]  Minutes [PDF 73KB]



Date Agenda Minutes
6 Nov Agenda [PDF 0.17MB] Minutes [PDF 0.07MB]


Committee members

 Jason Atkin  Garry Purdy
 Martin Burfoot  Mark Salt (Chairman)
 Sue Burfoot  Andrew Statham
 Deborah Botham  Jacquie Stevens
 Ann Elliott  Colin Swindell
 Steve Flitter  Joanne Wild
 Joyce Pawley  


Location: Town Hall, Matlock
Time: 6.00pm

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