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Conditions of use

Wirksworth Leisure Centre recognises that climbing is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants of climbing should be aware of these risks.

  1. Climbers are advised not to attempt to climb beyond your level of competence.
  2. All users of the wall should note that the climbing walls are unsupervised.
  3. Climbers shall belay standing up and to the correct side of the belay line using a recognised belay device.
  4. 14 to 17 years old must have their parents/guardians written consent and demonstrate their proficiency in safe climbing to a climbing instructor, to be able to gain unsupervised access.
  5. Under 14 year olds must be supervised throughout their visit by a responsible adult member or instructor. In addition their parent/guardian must complete a written consent form.
  6. When lead climbing or bouldering climbers should be aware of the full potential of other climbers.
  7. Solo climbing is restricted to the bouldering wall only.
  8. Please report any default or loose holds to reception.
  9. Lower off's routes 1-10. When top roping a route, please ensure that only the screw gate is clipped. When lowering off after lead climbing please only clip the snap gate. Please do not clip both.
  10. Lower off's route 11 – 17 please ensure your rope passes through both the top rope karabiners on routes
  11. All climbers must tie in directly to the harness using a figure of eight or bowline. Not via karabiner.
  12. All climbers must belay from the belay loop or one rope loop, this includes full body harness and alpine body harness.
  13. The use of wire brushes, alterations to the wall, chalking up of own problems is strictly forbidden.
  14. We insist in the removal of all hardware from harness whilst bouldering.
  15. The Council recommends the removal of all jewellery before climbing.
  16. The management of Wirksworth Leisure Centre reserves the right to stop individuals climbing if their behaviour or practices are considered unsafe to themselves or others.
  17. The management reserves the right in reasonable circumstances to refuse entry or to ask people to leave the premises, but will only do so as a last resort, such as when a person is clearly under the influence of alcohol.
  18. Climbers should be made aware of other climbers and their actions and take precautions when necessary.
  19. Group instruction is only to take place by prior arrangement by qualified instructors. (SPA, MIA, MIC, BMG)
  20. Do not interfere with or remove any instructor's equipment or holds. Top ropes must not be removed for use on other routes.
  21. You must not untie from the rope at any time whist climbing on the wall.
  22. When leading all quick draws must be clipped in sequence.
  23. All accidents or near misses must be reported to reception immediately.
  24. Under no circumstances, must any climber protect themselves using self-belay techniques, whilst using the lead or top rope walls.

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