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New indoor cycling experience

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We're hugely excited to be offering a brand new Indoor Cycling experience at Arc Leisure, Matlock and Ashbourne Leisure Centre. Totally unique to the Derbyshire Dales area, our new Indoor Cycling has the latest, top of the range Stages Cycling SC3 bikes. Packed with features and functionality for all levels of experience, our Stages bikes provide an amazing Indoor Cycling experience.

We have a variation of classes, from engaging Instructor-led sessions, to Open Sessions when you can use the bikes for your own programme. In addition, at Ashbourne Leisure Centre we are now a licensed 'Sufferlandrian Embassy', meaning we are introducing the brilliant virtual class videos from The Sufferfest!

THE SUFFERFEST FACEBOOK MASTHEAD 07If you're a local cycling or other Sports Club, you may be interested in adding an exciting new dimension to your training. The Stages SC3 bikes provide accurate, instant feedback on power, cadence and speed which your members could use to make new fitness and strength gains. Contact either Arc Leisure or Ashbourne Leisure Centre if you'd like to discuss this further. For more information about what we have at each Centre, click on the images below...

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