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Yoga, the perfect opportunity for some 'me' time, whilst improving flexibility and suppleness. Yoga is perfect for clearing your head after a long day and reducing the anxiety and worry of everyday life.

Chi Kung Taoist Yoga for Health is an ancient system of movements designed accordingly to Chinese medicine to promote whole body health and fluidity in the muscles and joints. The system which we us is called Baduan Jin or The Eight Pieces of Brocade. Each of the movements promote health in a different area of the body providing balance. It is suitable for everyone and can when necessary be practised seated.

Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful Yoga practicing specific sequences of posture linking breath (pranayama) and movement (vinyasa). Ashtanga is also an athletic flow combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete practice. Although practiced at all levels of physical fitness it is wise to advise the instructor of any health issues prior to taking this class.

Where and when

Day Time Ability Location Instructor
Monday 10:30-11:30 Mixed  Arc Leisure Matlock             (Ashtanga) Sarah
Tuesday 13:30-15:00 Mixed  Arc Leisure Matlock             (Taoist) Sarah
Tuesday 19:00-20:30 Mixed Wirksworth Leisure Centre    (Ashtanga) Sarah
Thursday 19:00-20:30 Mixed Wirksworth Leisure Centre    (Ashtanga) Sarah
Friday 09:30-10:30 Mixed Arc Leisure Matlock              (Taoist) Sarah
  10:30-12:00 Mixed Arc Leisure Matlock             (Ashtanga) Sarah


As prices vary depending on membership level, concessions, etc., please visit our price page for the complete fitness class price list.

What to bring


Please note before taking part in Yoga, you must first read the Safe Points for Yoga Practice [PDF 174KB] and complete the Health Questionnaire [PDF 312KB].

Once completed simply bring the form with you when you come, drop it off beforehand or email it to us.  

What to bring on the day

  • Warm Blanket is essential
  • Yoga mat, small cushion
  • Loose, comfortable clothing for maximum movement
  • Hatha yoga is practiced barefoot

*Bottles of water and refreshments can be purchased via vending machines at most sites.


Places are limited to 10 per class so please contact us and book as early as possible. And don't forget your Health Questionnaire, if you haven't already sent it to us.

Online Booking

Members can now book classes and facilities online. See our online booking page for more information.

Wirksworth Leisure Centre

Hannage Way, Off Water Lane
Wirksworth, Derbyshire DE4 4JG
01629 824 717
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