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Step aerobics

Fabulous routines broken down to create an energetic, seamless full body workout using the step. We then take the tempo down and tune up bums and tums on the mats. This can't be exercise it's too much fun!

Step aerobics is a choreographed class with a variety of routines, using a step box. It focuses on improving different components of fitness including cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance and tone. Step Aerobics also helps develop balance and flexibility. Burn up to 300 - 400 calories in one class!

Where and when?

Day Time Ability Location Instructor
 Tue 0930-1015 Mixed Ashbourne Leisure Centre  Lynsey
Thu 0930-1015 Mixed Ashbourne Leisure Centre  Lynsey


As prices vary depending on membership level, concessions, etc, please visit our price page for the complete fitness class price list.

What to bring

  • Loose, comfortable clothing for maximum movement
  • Suitable non-slip footwear
  • Water/drinks bottle*
  • Small towel

*Bottles of water and refreshments can be purchased via vending machines at most sites


Spaces are limited so we recommend that you book in order to avoid disappointment. To book, please speak to a member of staff at the front desk of your chosen leisure centre either by phone or in person.

Online Booking

Members can now book classes and facilities online. See our online booking pages for more information.

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