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The usual football rules apply along with the following small sided and league rules:

General Rules

  • Each team can register up to 12 players per season.
  • Only players registered in the 12 are eligible to play in the league.
  • All players must be aged 16 and above on the first league game to be eligible to take part in the league.
  • Teams are able to add/remove players from their list of 12 at the end of the season.
  • Players are not able play for more than one team during a single season.
  • All Teams must sign in and pay their £21 match fee at reception before their match.
  • A team arriving late will begin with a 3 goal disadvantage.
  • A team failing to fulfil a fixture will incur a 5-0 loss. No refund will be given to the team cancelling the fixture. The team who had the fixture postponed out of their control will get the match fee carried over to the next match.
  • The team responsible for match cancellations will pay £5 charge towards the other teams match fee.
  • A team must field a minimum of 4 players for each match (this doesn't include sin binned players during a match).
  • Players who receive a blue card will be sin binned for 2 minutes (blue card replaces yellow card in small sided football).
  • Players receiving a second blue card during one match will be sent of and will receive a one match ban.
  • Players who receive 5 blue cards over the course of the season will receive a 1 match ban.
  • Players who receive a straight red card will be given an automatic 1 match ban and be subject to the discipline processes of the County Football Association. Receiving a possible ban and a fine.
  • A player receiving two red cards in the same season for similar offences may be taken out of the league.
  • Abusive language towards the referee will result in a red card.
  • All players must have the team colours/kit on. In the event of a clash, bibs will be provided.

Match Rules

  • Games will last 25 minutes with a quick change around at half time.
  • There is no head height rule. If the ball hits the ceiling, play will be given to the goalkeeper on the opposite team.
  • There is no offside rule.
  • Only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball inside the area. Outfield players can't interfere with play inside the area.
  • An outfield defensive player interfering with play in the area will result in a penalty and an attacking player interfering with play inside the area will result in a free kick.
  • Goalkeepers must not come out of the area.
  • More than one outfield player must touch the ball before it can be passed back to the goalkeeper.
  • Goalkeepers must not hold the ball for more than 10 seconds in their own area. Failure to do so will end up in a free kick for the opposition directly outside the goal area at the closet point.
  • Goalkeepers can only be changed during half time or due to injury.
  • Unlimited substitutions can be made.
  • A substituted player must leave the pitch before the replacement player can come on.
  • All players must wear shin pads which are covered with socks.
  • We recommend goalkeepers wear gloves and tracksuit bottoms.
  • Jewellery must not be worn during the match, any jewellery which can't be removed must be taped up.

The team captain must sign a copy of the rules before the start of the season. By signing the rules you confirm you will adhere to all the rules above and inform your team of all the rules. By signing the form you also accept that as league organisers Derbyshire Dales District Council have the right to remove any player or team from the league with reason.

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