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Business rates (NNDR)

  • You will shortly receive your Business Rates for the new financial year 2017/18 based on the new rateable value as a result of the national revaluation.
  • The bills have been prepared and calculated based on current legislation and so it is important that you make payments as stated on your bill.
  • If you are going to have difficulty with making the payments you should contact the Business Rates Team as soon as possible to discuss the matter on 01629 761222
  • You may have seen that there have been announcements in the budget on the 8th March relating to Business Rates.
  • At this stage, the full details of how these changes will apply have not been sent to the Council and so we will have to wait for more information before we can make any changes to the Business Rates accounts that are affected.
  • As soon as more information is received from the government we will publish details on the website and work with our software company to prepare amended bills to those ratepayers who are affected by the changes.
  • We do not yet know whether the reliefs that are mentioned in the budget will require an application or signed statement of some kind, or not. We will work to identify the ratepayers who are affected and either; make contact with you inviting you to make an application (if it is required), or we will issue a revised bill (if an application is not required).
  • Please note that until such time as an amended bill is sent, you must continue to pay on your current bill to avoid recovery action taking place.Business Rates or National Non-Domestic Rates (NNDR) is a national tax collected from all occupiers or owners of non-domestic properties that appear in the Rating List.

Commercial rental values are, in general, the basis for assessing the rateable value of business properties. The gross rate charge is calculated by multiplying the rateable value by the non-domestic rating multiplier.

The Government sets the multiplier, whilst rateable values are assessed by the Valuation Office Agency, an executive agency of HM Revenues and Customs. The council bills and collects the Business Rates.

Every 5 years a new rating list is compiled and all rateable values are re-assessed. The Government has implemented successive Transitional Relief Schemes following each of the 5-yearly revaluations to reduce the impact of changes in rateable values upon business ratepayers.  The Government has decided that the next revaluation (and so new rating list) will be postponed until 2017.  The new rating list now comes into force from 1st April, 2017.

The Rating List is available online via the Valuation Office Agency website.

Explanatory notes

View a copy of the explanatory notes that accompany the bill here.

Information on how we calculate your business rates

In certain circumstances, a Business Rates bill can be reduced

There are various ways you can pay your business rates.

How to appeal against the rateable value and decisions we have made

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