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Local Plan Examination

Local Plan Examination

Examination of the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan Notice of Independent Examination Hearing Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 Statutory Instrument No.767 Regulation 24

The Examination Hearings commenced at 09.30am on Tuesday 9 May 2017 and closed on Tuesday 23 May. They took place in the Council Chamber of Matlock Town Hall. At the final session the Inspector outlined the next steps for the Examination which will remain open until he produces his report. 

The District Council has published modifications to the Pre- Submission Draft Local Plan (August 2016).  You can see the Modifications and how to comment here

The Inspector will publish his report on the Examination once he has considered the comments made on the Main Modifications.

Submission December 2016

The Derbyshire Dales Local Plan and supporting documents were submitted to the Secretary of State on 19th December 2016. A copy of the Submission Letter is available to view below:

Local Plan Submission Letter to the Secretary of State (PDF 82KB)

The notice of submission statement is available to view below:

Notice of Submission of Derbyshire Dales Local Plan Statement (PDF 9KB)

The Inspector

The Secretary of State has appointed Mark Dakeyne BA(Hons) MRTPI as the Inspector to undertake the independent examination of the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan. His role is to determine whether the Plan is sound and complies with all legal requirements. The criteria for soundness are whether the Plan's policies are positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

Local Plan Programme Officer

Carmel Edwards has been appointed as the Local Plan Programme officer for the examination and will deal with all procedural, administrative and programming matters. She is independent from the Council and reports directly to the Inspector. All correspondence or queries relating to the examination should be directed to the Programme Officer.

Contact details:

Ms Carmel Edwards
C/O Derbyshire Dales District Council
Bank Road

Tel: 01629 761175

Mobile: 07969631930


Examination News

For news on the examination please visit our Examination News Page. This will be updated regularly

Hearing sessions

The Inspector conducted a series of public hearings as part of the examination process.  The hearing sessions (as part of the overall Examination) opend on Tuesday 9 May 2017.  The first week of sessions (Stage 1) took place on 9,10,11 May. They took place in the Council Chmaber of Matlocak Town Hall.

The hearings for Stage 2 followed on immediately and took place on 16-19 May and 23 May.

The Inspector's matters, issues and questions including the timetable for the hearings can be seen here;

Stage 1

Stage 2

The Hearing statements for Stage 1 and stage 2 have now been received and can be viewed on the Hearing statements page.

The agendas for Stage 1 are available on the Hearing agendas page.



Examination library

The Examination library contains a list of documents submitted for examination and background documents that have informed the production of the Local Planning document. It also contains documents relating to the examination, and will be updated as the examination progresses.

A detailed summary of the duly made representations received on the Local Plan, is available to view on the Council’s consultation website here

A detailed assessment of the duly made representations in Plan order, with Council response, is available here

The Examination process

If you wish to find out in more detail how the examination will be carried out the Planning Inspectorate has produced a useful guide: Examining Local Plans Procedural Practice