Sports and health activities

Our Sports Development team includes the award-winning Village Games project, Street Games, Walking for Health, Club Development and much more. Here's a taste of some of the activities we offer:

Our aim is to create a more vibrant and healthy place to live and work. This is achieved by providing local opportunities for people to get active, get healthy and get involved thus increasing participation in getting started, staying and succeeding in sport, and physical activity. The provision of a diverse range of accessible sport, health and recreational activities and services helps to achieve this.

Our aims are to :

  • Increase participation in sport and physical activity for children, young people, adults and older people to create safer, stronger, healthier communities
  • Develop a club / group network which provides quality and accessible sport and physical activity
  • To promote / develop and sustain a quality, enthusiastic workforce
  • To manage and develop existing and new or improved facilities

We work with a wide range of partners from the voluntary, public and private and community sector to provide a broad and diverse range of services. The aim is to widen opportunities for people living and working in the Derbyshire Dales to become more active, and by doing so, to improve their health, well-being and quality of life.


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Sports clubs

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