Matlock Bath Illuminations

BOOK ONLINE now for our fabulous 2016 Matlock Bath Illuminations. Every weekend from 10 September to 29 October.

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We're celebrating National Fitness Day!

National Fitness Day 2016 is on Wednesday 7 September - is it time for #ABetterYou? We’re offering almost all activities for £1

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Local Plan Consultation

The District Council is undertaking six weeks of consultation on the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan Pre-Submission Draft Plan commencing on 11th August

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Summer fun at our leisure centres!

Six weeks of summer holiday fun kick off at our four leisure centres in Ashbourne, Bakewell, Matlock and Wirksworth on 25 July.

And our Super Summer Saver Membership entitles you to unlimited activities at all four leisure centres featured in our Summer Holiday Programme - for just £70!

The deal includes Sports Mania Days, Rookie Lifeguard crash course, swimming lessons, Balanceability, badminton, gymnastics and much more!

Excluded from this membership is cycling, roller disco (Arc only), junior canoeing (Arc only), 1-2-1 sessions and Sports Hall bookings.

Book at any of our leisure centres in Ashbourne, Bakewell, Matlock or Wirksworth - now!

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Views sought on waste and recycling changes

Residents across the Derbyshire Dales are being asked if they support the idea of being charged for replacement waste and recycling bins.

Replacing damaged or lost bins currently costs Council Tax payers around £28,000 a year.

Now the District Council has launched a survey that also asks for the views of local people on ending the annual free supply of black sacks and biodegradable garden waste sacks for households that can't accommodate bins. Providing free sacks currently costs Council Tax payers more than £30,000 a year.

A District Council spokesperson said:

"It is well documented that we are currently reviewing everything we do to make savings following successive cuts in grants from central government. We have to save an additional £700,000 over the next four years and this survey is simply asking local people if we can afford any longer to provide these particular services for free.

"If it can be proved that the damage to a bin has been caused by our collection contractor, then that is of course our responsibility, but where a bin has been damaged, lost or stolen through no fault of the council, replacement is an expensive business. A 140L grey household bin costs between £35 and £40 to replace, while the larger blue-lid recycling and green-lid garden waste bins cost between £45-£50.

"Our survey asks residents for their views on what a reasonable replacement charge would be - ranging from £25 to £50.

"Likewise, supplying a free roll of black sacks to households across the Derbyshire Dales that can't accommodate a general waste bin costs the District Council £9,774 a year, including delivery costs, and supplying biodegradable garden waste sacks for homes that can't accommodate a garden waste bin costs £20,681 a year, including delivery.

"Naturally, we would not want the withdrawal of the free sacks service to impact on the amount of garden waste that local people recycle, as we are proud that the Derbyshire Dales tops the recycling and composting league table across the county. But residents' views are most welcome and we will listen carefully to what they are saying."

The survey is available until 30 September.

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Public register

The Chief Officer of Derbyshire Constabulary has applied to the District Council for an expedited review of the Premises Licence at the Railway Hotel, Bakewell Road, Matlock.

The grounds for review are that in the opinion of a senior police officer of Derbyshire Constabulary, the premises are associated with serious crime or serious disorder or both. View more details at the foot of this page.

Public Registers

Paper copies of the following registers can be viewed by arrangement – please telephone the Business Support Team (Environmental Health), 01629 761212.

Food Businesses Register

Registered food businesses in Derbyshire Dales. Photocopying of register per entry £3.80 inclusive of VAT; whole register £931.00 inclusive of VAT.

Industrial Processes Register Part 1

All industrial processes permitted under Part 1 of the Pollution, Prevention & Control Act 1999.

Industrial Processes Register - Parts A2 and B

Industrial processes permitted under Parts B & A2 of Pollution, Prevention & Control Act 1999.

Cooling Tower Register

Registered cooling towers under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

Improvement and Prohibition Notices section 3.

Caravan Site Register

Caravan sites licensed under the Caravan Sites & Control of Development Act 1960, section 25.

Houses in Multiple Occupation Register

Licensed Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) under Housing Act 2004, Section 232.

Stray Dogs Register

Stray dogs (lost and found) in Derbyshire Dales under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, section 149(8).

Alcohol, Entertainment and Late Night Refreshment

The following public registers are not live-time. The registers are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and are updated on a regular basis. To view the register you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed. A reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe website (Full instructions for downloading the reader are provided on the site). Those with visual impairments may wish to investigate Access Adobe, which provides tools and information to help make PDF documents more accessible). Please note that some of the registers are more than 1MB in size, and could take some time to download.

If the information you require does not appear in the register, please contact the Council's Licensing Team for assistance by telephone 01629 761313 or email

The public registers can also be viewed at the District Council offices at the Town Hall in Matlock, on request.  The offices are open to the public Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Copies of the register can be provided - a reasonable fee will be charged.

Personal Licences Register [PDF 1.16MB].

This Register contains details of Personal Licences issued to individuals to supply, or to authorise the supply of alcohol under this Act.

Premise Licence, Club Premises Certificate and Temporary Event Notices Register:

This Register contains details of Premises Licences and Temporary Event Notices (authorising where appropriate the sale and supply of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment and the provision of late night refreshments), Club Premises Certificates and Temporary Event Notices issued to clubs (authorising the supply of alcohol to club members and the sale of alcohol to guests) and issued under this Act.

The register shows current information only. Where a premises licence has been changed as a result of a variation then only the current changed licence will be available to view, not the original licence.

TENS – are shown for events that have happened and for events which are going to happen.

The date of application shows the date of the original application, the date granted shows the date the licence was last altered.

The following application information is not shown: Minor variations, change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS), transfers, interim authority and notification of interest in premises. A hard copy of the Licensing Register containing all this information is available at the District Council's Licensing Office at the Town Hall, Matlock during normal working hours.

Premise Licence, Club Premises Certificate and Temporary Event Notices Register

A-F [PDF 11.4MB] G-M [PDF 8.21MB] N-U [PDF 9.68MB] V-Z [PDF 2.95MB]

Register for applications received for new/variations to Premises Licences

Premises Details

Date Application Received

Deadline for making representation


An Application has been received from Toawst Ltd for a new Premises Licence for Toawst, Stainsborough Hall, Hopton, Wirksworth, Matlock, DE4 4DF. The application is for the sale of alcohol for consumption on and off the premises with the main focus to be online sales. The application can be viewed here [PDF 616 KB]. 9th August 2016 5th September 2016

An Application has been received from Robin Baranek for a new Premises Licence for the ‘Mad Hatter’, 34 Crown Square, Matlock, DE4 3AT.  It is proposed that the premises will re-open as a small tea room/cocktail bar with the focus being mainly on hot and cold drinks plus food during the day with cocktails in the evening. The application seeks to provide regulated entertainment, late night refreshment and the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises only. The application can be viewed here [PDF 616 KB].

30th July 2016 26th August 2016

Any persons affected by the application (eg residents/local businesses) wishing to make Representations can do so by letter or by email addressed to the Licensing Manager.  Emailed representations must contain sender's full postal address and a contact telephone number in case of query.

A representation is a way of objecting to or supporting a particular application. Details of the closing date for representations are shown for each application in the registers above.

The District Council will accept representations from any persons affected by an application for new premises licences or club premises certificates, or variations to existing premises licences or club premises certificates. 

Representations must be 'relevant' (as defined in the Licensing Act 2003) - Government Guidance on making representations can be viewed here.

Representations can also be made in respect of applications for a Review of a premises licence or a club premises certificate.  Government Guidance on making representations can be viewed here.

You must provide your full name, address details, and daytime contact telephone number, in your representation which can be submitted by post or by email.

Representations can be sent by post to:

Licensing Manager, Regulatory Services, Town Hall, MATLOCK, Derbyshire, DE4 3NN.

 or by email to:

[Please note that only the Police and the District Council's Principal Officer (Environmental Health) are permitted to make representations in respect of Temporary Event Notices (TENs), so these Notifications are not advertised here].



Grounds for Review

That in the opinion of a senior police officer of Derbyshire Constabulary, the premises are associated with serious crime or serious disorder or both.

Full details of the Application for Summary Review can be inspected here [PDF 121 KB].  If you experience any problem viewing or downloading the documents please contact the Licensing Team here at Derbyshire Dales District Council (Telephone number 01629 761313).

Representations should be made IN WRITING:  To the Licensing Manager, Licensing Team, Regulatory Services, Derbyshire Dales District Council, Town Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3NN.

OR by email:  If emailing please add your full name and postal address to your representation.

Representations to be made between THURSDAY 7 JULY 2016 and TUESDAY 19 JULY 2016

Further information can be viewed or downloaded here [PDF 473 KB] which explains the (Expedited) Summary Review Procedure in more detail.

It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application which carries a maximum fine of £5,000 on summary conviction.

This application has progressed to a full REVIEW of the Premises Licence - the Licensing Hearing will take place on MONDAY 25 JULY 2016.


Scrap Metal Dealers Register

Scrap metal dealers registered in Derbyshire Dales.  This register is maintained by the Environment Agency


Hackney Carriages (taxis), Private Hire Vehicles (mini-cabs, pre-booked), PHV Operators and drivers licensed in the Derbyshire Dales.

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