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Derbyshire County Council

Revenue Expenditure and Income

2017-18 £m


2018-19 £m

1102.3 Gross Expenditure 1159.5
487.6 Net Budget Requirement 503.2

Reasons for the Increase In Council Tax

Reasons £M
Pay, price and other increases outside the Council's control 3.0
Service pressures 50.6
Budget reductions -11.6
Changes in services funded from grants and other income 15.2

Change in Gross Expenditure

Increase in service income, such as increased charges for services -16.7
Increase in internal financing -3.9
Decrease in debt charges -20
Change in Budget Requirement 15.6
Add: Decrease in Revenue Support Grant 44.1
Less: Increase in Business Rates -76.2
Add: Decrease in Top up Grant 45.6
Less: Increase in General Grants -15.8
Add: Decrease in Use of Reserves 5.5
Increase in Council Tax 18.8

View the Derbyshire County Council Council Tax leaflet [PDF 0.35MB]. Further information is available on the Derbyshire County Council website.

Revenues Services

Town Hall, Bank Road
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