Waste & recycling

Information and advice on our kerbside collection schemes for recycling, garden waste, household refuse collections, including how to dispose of bulky items and find your local recycling banks.

When is my collection?

Enter your postcode and choose your property to find out when your next waste and recycling collection is due. Cont...

Bin - Blue lid (glass, cans, cardboard, paper, plastics)

Dry recycling is the material that goes in the 240 litre blue-lid bin and is collected fortnightly. Your bin shou...

Bulky waste & electrical items

Bulky waste refers to items that are too large to be taken away with the normal refuse collection. This can mean items...

Order new/replacement containers

Broken/missing containers If your container is broken or has gone missing please complete our online form.  We w...

Food caddy

All households are provided with a 5 litre internal food caddy and kerbside caddy to dispose of food waste, free of ch...

Bin - Grey (general household)

Residents are provided with a 140 litre grey bin for household waste which is collected every two weeks.&nbs...

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