Food safety

Any food premises in Derbyshire Dales - whether they sell food to you, or prepare food to be sold - need to be registered with the District Council.

We inspect them regularly to ensure they meet the necessary standards of food safety and hygiene.

Our Environmental Health Section helps protect public health and supports businesses to ensure standards of hygiene and safety are maintained by:

  • registering premises used for food business
  • inspecting food premises on a risk basis
  • ensuring that food is processed, prepared and served in a safe and hygienic manner, focusing on 'Food Safety Management Systems ' principles
  • ensuring food handlers are adequately trained
  • investigating complaints about food, food premises and food poisoning
  • arranging random sampling of food and drinks
  • offering advice and guidance to food businesses

Trading Standards at Derbyshire County Council are responsible for making sure that food goods are properly labelled and that they meet certain compositional standards for example the meat content of pies, the cocoa levels in chocolate and the fruit and sugar levels in jams.

Food Business Registration From [PDF 11KB]

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