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Report Waste Online

Before completing the form below, please make sure that your container was:

  • put out on the correct day
  • available for emptying from 7am
  • placed at the edge of your property or at the agreed collection point
  • not left with an orange tag saying that it couldn't be emptied

Please only click submit once; you will receive an automated response when this form has been submitted.  This is an automated system; if you have any questions regarding your submission please email  or call our Customer Services Team on 01629 761122.

We are currently waiting for a new stock of blue bags so the delivery will be delayed. However recycling can still be presented. Please use transparent containers (such as stacker boxes) rather than black bags so that the content can be easily identified. Please remember to keep paper/cardboard separate from other recycling.

A picture of a blue-lid bin with the text When is my collection? alongside


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01629 761 122
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