Community & Living

Handy Van Network

The Derbyshire Handy Van Network is an essential service to help people to continue to live independently in their own h...
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Schools and education

Derbyshire County Council are responsible for the management of schools and education facilities throughout the Derbyshi...
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Bank Holiday arrangements

Waste & Recycling Use our online 'When is my collection' digital calendar to check your Bank Holiday arrangements.&...
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Social care

Derbyshire County Council are responsible for the provision of social care and health throughout the Derbyshir...


Derbyshire County Council are responsible for providing library services throughout the Derbyshire Dales....
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Whether you are dressing up as a wicked witch, a scary spirit or a ghostly ghoul this Halloween make sure you remember t...

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General Enquiries

Derbyshire Dales District Council Town Hall, Bank Road
Tel: 01629 761 100
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